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April 7, 2023

Introducing Visual Friend Suggestions: The Map-Based Approach to Friend Discovery

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Alex Kehr

I’m excited to introduce our latest feature on Superlocal:"Visual Friend Suggestions." This inventive feature transforms the way you find and follow friends or other users with a map-based visual approach.

A New Way to Find Friends:

Superlocal is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections with the people, places, and things you care about in IRL, which led to the creation of the Visual Friend Suggestions feature. Users can now view potential friends or people to follow directly on the Superlocal map, providing a compelling and intuitive way to explore and discover new connections with people you know or are likely to know.

By utilizing your phone contacts and friend-of-friends data, our algorithm generates personalized recommendations tailored to your interests and social circles. This ensures the individuals you see on the map are relevant and worth connecting with.

Enhancing the First-Session Experience:

A remarkable first-session experience is crucial for user retention. The Visual Friend Suggestions feature addresses this by filling the Superlocal map with numerous pins representing potential connections. This immediate visual engagement creates an interactive and captivating environment for new users.

The populated map not only adds an element of excitement but also encourages users to follow and interact with others from the outset. Providing an immersive and dynamic experience from the beginning increases the likelihood that new users will continue to explore and enjoy Superlocal's features and community.

Safety and Privacy:

We prioritize your safety and privacy. The Visual Friend Suggestions feature displays only the last check-in location of suggested friends, not their live location. Live location sharing is activated exclusively when two users mutually follow each other, safeguarding your location data and making it visible only to those you trust. Additionally, you can hide yourself from Visual Friend Suggestions at any time to stop getting recommended.

Final Thoughts:

The Visual Friend Suggestions feature offers a unique and visually-oriented approach to discovering and connecting with new friends. With a focus on personalization, safety, and an enhanced first-session experience, we believe this feature sets Superlocal apart from other location-sharing social networks and will provide an exceptional user experience.

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