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December 20, 2022

Introducing Superboost+: The Ultimate Way to Boost Your Superlocal Points Earnings

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Team Superlocal

Today we’re excited to announce Superboost+, available to all users globally. This subscription, which costs just $3.99 per month, offers a number of exclusive benefits that will help you earn more Superlocal Points and unlock new ways to redeem them. Whether you’re a frequent user of Superlocal or just looking to get the most out of your Superlocal Points, Superboost+ is the perfect addition to your experience.

The first Superboost+ features that accelerate your Superlocal Points earnings are:

Accelerated Points Earnings: You will earn 15% bonus points on ever approved check in.

50% Off Mayorships: You save 50% on all Mayorship purchases.

Savings On Point Redemption: You will be able to redeem less points for more real rewards.

Over the next few weeks and month we will launch additional, major features that continue to give you more ways to earn Superlocal Points faster. Superboost+ will always be an optional subscription and is meant to be a tool to reward our most passionate community members for supporting us.

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