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December 23, 2022

Introducing Mayorships v1: The Official Release

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Team Superlocal

Today we are thrilled to announce the official release of Mayorships v1. It's been a while since we released the beta version, and we are now confident that it is ready for a wider audience.

However, there are some important changes to the way Mayorships work for the foreseeable future. Due to Apple's rules regarding non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Mayorships can currently only be purchased through a traditional in-app purchase (IAP) on iOS devices.

Don't worry, though - we are working on a solution to this issue. By purchasing a Mayorship through an IAP, you are effectively purchasing an "IOU" that will allow you to claim your Mayorship as an NFT at a later date. If you already own a Mayorship NFT, your status and functionality on the app will not be affected.

In addition, we are now letting members of our recently launched Superboost+ feature save on Mayorship purchases. As a member, you’ll receive a 50% discount on all Mayorship purchases. This Superboost+ benefit is designed to help our company achieve financial stability, and ideally profitability, during these uncertain times in web3. In the face of a crypto bear market, having reliable revenue is crucial for survival. Don’t miss out on saving and join Superboost+ today!

Finally, we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching our own marketplace on our website, where Mayorships can be bought and sold using fiat currency. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Discord for updates on this feature, which we expect to roll out within the next few weeks.

Thank you for your continued support!

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