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December 20, 2022

Introducing Mayorship Flair: A Fun Way to Show Off How Many Crowns You've Collected

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Team Superlocal

Today we are introducing a new way to show off how many Mayorships you’ve collected on Superlocal: Mayorship Flair.

Next to every display name on Superlocal, you'll now see a crown icon indicating how many Mayorships a person has collected. If you have at least one Mayorship, your crown will display the number of Mayorships you've acquired. This is a fun, simple way to show off your passion for a particular city, town, or place.

For those unfamiliar with Mayorships, they are 1 of 1 collectibles that can be obtained by checking in and purchasing the Mayorship crown at a real-world location. Mayorships are also resellable on the Superlocal Marketplace.

So why wait? Start collecting Mayorships and showing off your Mayorship Flair today!

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