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Automatically keep track of everywhere you go and build your lifelog.

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What is Superlocal?

Superlocal is your personal cartographer and biographer.


Clear the map as you explore


Learn about yourself


Visualize your memories

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How Superlocal works

It's as easy as just keeping it in your pocket.

Enable notifications

Your map automatically populates

Check in to add extra memories to your map

See stats such as how many cities sand countries you've been to!


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Superlocal Points

Superlocal Points are redeemable for cool stuff.

Superlocal Stuff

Redeem the points you earn for exclusive Superlocal Stuff.

Document Your Life

Remember all the places you go when you check in.


See stats about the type of places you go to.


Collect badges by going to cool spots in your city.

Local Community

Learn about the people, places, and things nearby.

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