Building meaningful connections with the people around us is a basic human need. It makes us feel safe, happy, and part of our community.

Superlocal is the real-world community social network. We are a digital tool that empowers you to feel safer by making you feel like a true part of your real-world community.

Superlocal is how you build trusted and useful connections in your community. We accomplish this by bringing people together in cities, neighborhoods, and on college campuses. We are where you exchange ideas and gain knowledge with those around you.

Superlocal is a new type of local community app that brings you together through the topics you care about, not using fear such as crime and safety alerts.

Superlocal is where you follow topics that lead to meaningful conversations -- it’s not about following people.

Superlocal is where you come when you want to be connected with your local community, get local news updates, and learn more about the things you care about.