Building community together with Superlocal

When we started our company, we were motivated by the belief that technology should be doing a better job making people more connected to their local communities. Current major social platforms all fail at this and appear to be focused on two ends of the connectivity spectrum: connecting you to close friends (e.g. Snapchat) or connecting you to others around the world (e.g. Facebook).

Facebook felt truly special when it was a local community portal, rather than being a global people directory. Facebook used to make you feel genuinely happy when you opened it because it kept you up-to-date with those around you. The Newsfeed was your go-to news source for knowing what was going on around you.

The thing that made Facebook special was lost when it went cross-community. The product turned into a place where you primarily see posts and comments from people all around that world and that you'll most never see while walking down the street.

A resurgence of localism

People are latching on to the importance of being local. There's a clear resurgence of localism, being fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, as we all now directly see how a dollar spent at a community-owned coffee shop matters much more to our cities and neighborhoods than a dollar spent at a chain like Starbucks.

We want Superlocal to be the place to feel a true, deep connection to your local community and be a key part of the resurgence of localism.

Imagine walking down the street and recognizing people; your world will instantly feel less anonymous and you feel your sense of belonging in your community. That's what Facebook used to feel like when you were on your college campus; and it really felt special.

How Superlocal provides a delightful experience for connecting you to your local community

Building meaningful connections with the people around us is a basic human need. It makes us feel safe, happy, and part of our community.

Superlocal's fulfills this basic human need by connecting you to your local community. We've crafted a place where you come to get local news updates and learn more about the things you care about; while giving you tools for talking to people in your community about those things.

Making it easy to talk to others in your local community on Superlocal is how we make you feel like a true part of your real-world community. We facilitate local, topical discussions; which in-turn makes it easier to build community together.

<screenshot of the chat list>

Our unique chat list is designed around the notion that when like-minded people come together to talk, happiness happens. Our chat list is designing to instantly give you value and utility as an individual in your community on Superlocal; you don't need to be talking to others to start to gain value. We then pair our strong "single player mode" with the tools to start to slowly interacting with others and allow you come together with other people in your local community.

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