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Superlocal is live in a public beta. To gain early access, you must mint at least one Localtrotter NFT — only 12,000 are available. As a reward for supporting Superlocal, each Localtrotter held will increase your $LOCAL airdrop.

Mint Your Localtrotter

0.04ETH to mint — 3 per transaction

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How Superlocal works

Imagine if every time you posted to a social network, you could earn. That’s exactly what happens on Superlocal.

Go to places and check in

Submit your checkin for approval

Earn LOCAL rewards if it’s approved!


Collect Mayorship NFTs

Collect 1 of 1 NFTs of nearly any place in the world. Show that you’re the super fan of cities, restaurants, bars, and beyond to earn royalties when other people go to where you're the Mayor.

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Main features

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Superlocal has a token that you earn by using the app.

Superlocal NFTs

We have a variety of features that are unlocked with NFTs.

Local Community

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Map Layers

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Blockchain-based game features with real incentives.

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